Storytelling in the orchestra

Project management, project design and text: Franka Verhagen
Publication date: August, 2023
Financed by: Stiftelsen Signatur
Produced by: AB Tre Droppar

To envision Dream Orchestra’s community, storytelling is essential. With the generous support of “Signatur Stiftelsen”, DO developed this storytelling project over the past 18 months. A group of young people, who have been participating in DO over the past 5 years, were the primary target group for this project.

This digital book is presented in three parts: five ways of telling a story; stories and traditional music from different cultures; and telling stories through the symphony orchestra repertoire.

Who is this book for? Teachers and conductors who work with children’s and youth orchestras. We hope to inspire you to introduce the magic of storytelling to daily orchestra activities. Connecting with other art forms is an extraordinary resource to enrich the musical learning experience and provide a space of creative energy.

“In the workshop on theater, I wanted them to become aware that they are already good at telling stories on stage, that they do this through music all the time, without being aware of this (…) Aware of the fact that most of the participants know each other, but not very well, I focused on activities to allow them to build mutual trust, to understand what it means to tell a story on stage, to experience techniques of storytelling on stage and accompany them to increase self- confidence on stage”.

Carin Nordberg has worked her entire professional life within the arts, as a teacher, director, advisor, developer, marketeer and more.