Dream Orchestra a learning model

Authors: Franka Verhagen and Ron Davis Alvarez
Publication Date: 2021
Art-Design and Illustrations: Valeria Lanz
Text and Image Editor: Valeria Lanz
Financed by: Svenska Postkodstiftelsen

In this first publication we tell the history of the Dream Orchestra. How Ron Davis Alvarez started this program and for whom it was created. It’s an introduction to Dream Orchestra’s learning model and it is meant for musicians who are curious about what is needed to become an inspirational music teacher, offering insight and practical tips on how to organize and approach the musical training of young people in the orchestra in a holistic way.

Our focus is on presenting strategies to start up an orchestra with older children, as they were the founding group with whom Ron started DO. Starting to learn to play an instrument at 15 years or older, without previous musical knowledge, requires specific strategies for the teacher to stimulate the technical and musical progress and achieve concrete and meaningful results that empower the young musicians.

Here you will learn about the experiences and motivations of the volunteers, teachers and students who made DO possible.

“I lived in Afghanistan and Pakistan and I never studied music there. When I played at the concert after playing the horn for just two weeks, I couldn’t believe it, my hands were shaking with excitement.”
– Mustafa Hussaini, student