Chairman and shared CEO assignment. Camilla Sarner: Started El Sistema Sweden and Co-founder of Foundation El Sistema Sweden. Planning Manager El Sistema Gothenburg. Project leader at Gothenburg University. Flutist. Email:

Founder and shared CEO assignment. Ron Davis Alvarez: Artistic Director of El Sistema Sweden. Selected among the 50 best teachers in the world in 2017 from the Teacher Prize by Varkey Foundation. Conductor of youth and children’s orchestras. Violinist. Email: 

Board member and secretary. Malin Clausson: Journalist, author, and strategic communicator. Communicator in El Sistema Sweden. Journalist in Faktum. Journalist for over 21 years at the Göteborgs Posten. Violinist. Email:

Board member and communicator. Dubraska Falcón: Journalist and communicator. Journalist for 6+ years in Diario El Universal. Press coordinator at El Sistema Venezuela for two years. Email:

Board member. Maria Larsson: Cultural Developer. Director of Studies, Music Teacher Program at Gothenburg University. Pianist.

Board member. Ulrika Henkelmann: Choir Director and Music Teacher at Betlehemskyrkan. Singer. Email: