Dream Orchestra is a non-profit association that support activities where children and young refugees in poverty or other vulnerability, together with others learn not only to create music but also to dream, set goals and shape their own conditions for a better life.

Dream Orchestra formed in April 2016 by Ron Davis Alvarez, artistic director of El Sistema in Sweden, called Dream Orchestra.

Our mission: To strengthen vulnerable children and youth through orchestral education.

Our vision: A better future for young people through music.

Our core values: Working with Love, Attitude, Discipline, Energy, and Passion in an environment of inclusion.

The Dream Orchestra consists mainly of young unaccompanied refugees, from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Angola and Palestine, many of whom came to Sweden in autumn 2015 and later.

The orchestra has become their new family, a place to relax from anxiety and stress and a unique opportunity to learn to play an instrument and discover the power of music. For many of these young people, the orchestra has become a lifeline, in an otherwise insecure and uncertain existence.

Within the Dream Orchestra we have three programs:

Vivaldi Group: Children from 5 years old who started within the Dream Orchestra – their first approach to music. They meet for an hour every Saturday for lessons in music reading and violin.

Mozart Group: Children from the age of 9 who are part of our children’s orchestra project that also work for social integration. The Mozart Group will meet twice a month to do general rehearsals with the Dream Orchestra.

Young Leaders Program: seeks to empower the most advanced students of the orchestra to become teachers of their fellows and leaders who contribute to reinforcing the values of respect, tolerance and friendship.

Student of the Mozart Group

Here music is created, but also hopes and dreams for the future.

The volunteers are the cornerstones and pillars of the orchestra. As role models, both socially and musically, they are the engine that allows the orchestra to develop without interruption. Under the artistic direction of the orchestra’s founder Ron Davis Alvarez, they develop in their leadership and then spread their knowledge further.

The Dream Orchestra Association was formed in November 2017 to support the members of the orchestra artistically, socially and economically.