Three students lead the Dream Orchestra Lövgärdet

Three students lead the Dream Orchestra Lövgärdet


They are Paulina (cello), Aseel (viola) and Timor (violin), the leaders of the new orchestra are added to our musical program: Dream Orchestra Lövgärdet. Every Thursday, at 18:00, they meet at Rosa Huset i Lövgärdet to give strings classes to more than 15 childrens and youngs, between 7 and 18 years old, who started last December to study music.

Trained within the Dream Orchestra Young Leaders, this trio begins to lead a program based on the methodology of integration through music regardless of language, age, religion or origin. They, who are trained together with more than 30 fellow musicians, as future teachers are the example of the global citizens we are helping to train.


If you want to join this new orchestra write an email to or attend our classes every Thursday at 18:00 in Rosmaringatan 53 Lövgärdet. Buss 75 and 77 to Persilegatan.


You do not need to have prior knowledge of music, just want to learn through musical transformation.

This new orchestra is supported by Rosa Huset i Lövgärdet, Betlehemskyrkan and the Dream Orchestra Association.