The Dream Orchestra inspires students and teachers in Gävle

The Dream Orchestra inspires students and teachers in Gävle

Dream Orchestra i Gävle

Ten students and two teachers of the Dream Orchestra in Gothenburg were in Gävle inspiring the musical dreams of 30 students who forms the Dream Orchestra Gävle, which was created in September 2018,  thanks to the initiative of four teachers of El Sistema Gävle and the support of five volunteers.

Coming from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Somalia, Senegal, Nigeria, Colombia and El Salvador, these students also begin to dream of transforming the societies in which we live through free music education as a tool of tolerance and respect.

Timor and Arman (violin), Mikael (viola), Paulina, Mohsen and Mostafa (cello), Ali (double bass), Alee (flute) and Ameer and Linda (trumpets), trained and offered a small concert with the guide and support of the teachers Frida Swedén (clarinet) and Ron Davis Alvarez (director of the Dream Orchestra).

The Dream Orchestra is a dream for everyone, no matter where they come from, what language they speak, what religion they profess, or whether they have musical knowledge or not. Everyone is welcome. Thank you Dream Orchestra Gävle, for dreaming together with us.