Our teachers travel to Venezuela

Our teachers travel to Venezuela

Our director Ron Davis Alvarez and our teacher Misuzu Cassergård travel to Venezuela during the month of February as part of an educational feedback between El Sistema Venezuela, El Sistema Sweden and the Dream Orchestra.

Ron will be touring the so-called country of orchestras and choirs offering workshops on motivation, international work, empowerment of new leaders and educational techniques with teachers and students in different schools of El Sistema located in Caracas, Miranda, San Juan de Los Morros and Puerto La Cross. More than 2,000 people will benefit from these workshops.

Misuzu will dictate some classes on the methodology used in the Dream Orchestra and will also learn about working with pre-infant and children’s orchestras within El Sistema.

You can follow this tour through our social networks: @dreamorchestra.se, on Facebook and @dreamorchestrastories on Instagram.

This educational exchange is possible thanks to Dream Orchestra, El Sistema Sverige, Stiftelsen Theodor och Hanne Mannheimers Fond, Phillipsson Foundation and Hilti Foundation