Three members of DO board will be in Venezuela

Camilla Sarner, founder of El Sistema Sweden and Dream Orchestra; Ron Davis Alvarez, founder and artistic director of Dream Orchestra and director of Side by Side By El Sistema summer music camp; and Franka Verhagen, project manager at DO, will travel to Caracas, Venezuela and participate in the II World Congress of El Sistema, which […]

The book on storytelling is now available on the web

18 months of work. 76 workshops given by a group of specialists. 22 Young Leader Program students, between 13 and 17 years old. “Storytelling in the orchestra” is now available in the publications tab of Dream Orchestra website. The digital book that you can download for free, was published thanks to the generous support of […]

“DO a learning model”, now digital and free

“Dream Orchestra, a learning model”, the first book on DO, is now available on the website, in the Publications section, digitally and free. Written by Franka Verhagen and Ron Davis Alvarez, and financed by Svenska Postkodstiftelsen, it tells the story of DO, since it started seven years ago.

A sociological study on DO is now available on the web

On the website, in the Publications section, you can also read and download the Report on the ethnographic study, Dream Orchestra, carried out by social scientists from the research project “YouSound – Music education as an inclusive tool for refugees under the age of age in Europe” (2022-2023).

A new window on the DO website: Publications

Now you can access 4 important publications that have been released over the past 3 years digitally and for free through the new PUBLICATIONS tab in the ABOUT US section of the DO website. Here you can download the two DO books; a first report of the sociological research project “YouSound” and DO’s security policy.

With a digital book we finished the Storytelling Project

For a year and a half, the students of Dream Orchestra, especially those of the Young Leader Program, learned to recreate traditional musical stories from different parts of the world, as part of the Storytelling Project that was supported by Signatur Stiftelsen.

DO students danced and reinterpreted Afro-Cuban music

As part of the Storytelling Project, which is sponsored by Signatur Stiftelsen, the group of young leaders of Dream Orchestra, learned through dance and music, the story of one of the mythical deities of Yoruba and Afro-Cuban culture: Eleggua.

Summer begins with Dream Orchestra

Next Friday, June 16, the Dream Orchestra will offer its end-of-semester concert to welcome summer. The concert that will take place in Betlehemskyrkan, Gothenburg, at 18:00, will include all the pieces that they studied during this semester. Admission is free.

Dream Orchestra played Danzón No. 2 by Arturo Márquez

What meant a challenge from the beginning of 2023, became a reality that was applauded by those who heard the Dream Orchestra students play Danzón No. 2 for the first time, composed by the Mexican maestro Arturo Márquez.

DO students will participate in Side by Side by El Sistema 2023

Many of Dream Orchestra students will participate in the 2023 edition of Side by Side By El Sistema, which this year celebrates 10 years of bringing together, in the same space, more than 2,000 children and young people from different parts of the world to play music together.